[PROJECT] Another Neptune Apex Driver

Hi, I wanted to share a quick implementation of yet another Neptune Apex Bridge. I desired something that more closely modeled the native outlets, inputs (water, temp, power) of Hubitat capabilities and not as focused on all the individual modules.

There is already a very capable driver in this thread with support for all models of Apex...

Primary goal was to be able to use some wireless button controllers to turn on and off outlets, get alerts on water sensors and make measurements (temp,pH) available on my office dashboard.

While I haven't done any previous Hubitat development, I am a software engineer and into home automation and aquariums. I recently got an Apex and thats how I landed here. @snell did an amazing job at his implementation but I thought I would also take this opportunity to learn how to write a driver for a network based device.

I did not trying to support older versions of the Apex and as far as I know this only works with the newest A3 models.

Basically, inputs (readings) and outputs (outlets) get modeled as native devices, you can choose only specific ones or all. You can operate in read-only mode or be able to control the outlets. With this its super simple to use rule machine, button controllers or anything to control the apex.

There is more documentation in the github repo, here is my driver... look forward to feedback on this...


I have moved this to a different github repo and provided a bundle package for easy install. I would love for someone with different Apex units and Modules to give it a spin and see how it works.

Here is the releases page for the bundle install.

just grab the url for the latest one. In the Hubitat, click on "bundle"->Import zip->Download from a URL

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