Programmatically Apply Sync Command on Zigbee Device

Is there a way to invoke the sync command on a zigbee device? I can access the button on the device screen but I do not see it in Rule Machine.

The purpose for this is to 'reset' some certain Bosch motion sensors that are connected via a ST hub and the HubConnect app. Refresh has no effect but when I press the Sync button in the device screen UI everything is peachy again.


At a loss here as Hubitats Bosch motion driver does not have a sync button...

The ‘sync’ probably comes from the hubconnect driver.

You should look at a ‘custom command’ in RM
You should be able to create it and schedule it in RM.



Mike, I understand and Andy is correct. I am currently using the HubConnect driver.

However, is the standard Bosch motion driver designed to handle the Bosch model #RFPR-ZB-MS motion sensor?

This device was sold by Lowe’s and I picked them up from eBay. I have a fair number of them and never moved them over from ST because I saw where people were having trouble with Bosch motions on HE. If your driver does work with this spec device do you also know of any problems?


don't know honestly, I don't have one, so someones going to have to give it a shot and advise.

Yep.. 'sync' is a HubConnect button/command.

It's there to refresh the Attributes on the 'receiving end' to match the real driver. As far as I know, it does nothing to the real device. It's functionality is "internal to HubConnect."

Thanks @cobra. 'Custom Command' is now obsolete but I applied a 'Custom Action' in RM and it seems to be working as expected. Thanks again mate.

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