Profalux roller shutters and rolling screens

Hello everyone,

I've recently set up Profalux roller shutters and rolling screens for my windows, both of which use Zigbee technology. Has anyone in this forum had experience with these products and adapted a Hubitat driver for them? Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, I can't provide a screenshot with the device details since Hubitat isn't able to detect it. However, please let me know what information you need, and I'll do my best to provide it.

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Hello everyone,

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Today, I wanted to share some additional insights that might help clarify my situation.

Initially, I believed that Profalux products were exclusive to the French market. However, I came across discussions on other Home Assistant forums that suggest otherwise, like this one: Profalux cover pairing issues - cover not functional through zigbee2mqtt despite pairing semi-successfully · Issue #17674 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub.

I also discovered that Profalux uses a home automation hub called Calyps'Home. Interestingly, the Calyps'Home website and documentation are only available in French, which makes me wonder about their international availability.

Given these new findings, I'm considering alternative approaches. If connecting the roller shutters and screens directly to Hubitat proves challenging, could I potentially integrate the Calyps'Home hub with Hubitat instead and manage everything through Hubitat? Is it possible for these two hubs, (both zigbee) to connect to each other naturally, even without a custom driver developed by someone from a hub forum?

Your insights and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

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Reading the difficulties paring this device to Z2M, and the problems handling the different variations of the different Profalux models ... supporting it directly in Hubitat is causa perduta.

Ideally, if Calyps'Home hub supported Matter Bridge functionality, it would work in Hubitat via Matter protocol. However, the Matter is not mentioned on the manufacturer's site. Matter Bridge is a protocol that allows integrating different manufacturers Zigbee hubs.

What remains as a possibility to integrate the roller shutters/screens to Hubitat is via Alexa / Google Home and HE virtual switches.

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Thank you, @kkossev, for your insightful response and valuable information once again :pray:

I wasn't aware of the Matter protocol; it sounds promising.

Regarding Alexa, I've been using it but in the opposite manner. The devices I've added to my Hubitat Elevation hub can be controlled through Alexa due to the hub pairing.

If the shutters aren't directly paired with the Hubitat hub and are only connected to Alexa, how can I enable Hubitat to control them? Is this where the virtual devices come into play? Would I first link the shutters with Alexa, then create a virtual device in Hubitat, and finally link this virtual device to both Alexa and the shutters?

Thanks again for your invaluable assistance :pray:.
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Hi everyone!
@kkossev, I tried to find information about what you mentioned above (integrating the shutters to Hubitat via Alexa and HE virtual switches), but I couldn't find an answer to understand how it works.
I would really appreciate it if you could provide an example so I can understand it better.
Thanks so much in advance.
Good day and have a happy week everyone :slight_smile: