Product to automate this type of water shut off valve?

Does anyone know if there’s a hubitat compatible water shut off valve that will work with this type of valve? I’ve tried a search online but can’t find one.

WAY easier to replace this valve than figure out how to automate it.



@dylan.c is on the mark. That valve looks like a gate valve, which are more prone to failure (incompletely closing) than a ball valve. I would recommend getting a plumber in to replace it with a modern ball valve.


Good points - i had considered that but obviously it will be more expensive so i was hoping there was an existing product i could fit. I had a handyman recently look at it and he said UK regulations don’t allow a ball valve - so i need to verify that too.

Even if local codes don't allow a ball valve as your primary shutoff, you could probably install one after this valve. Then you'd have two. One code-compliant multi-turn manual valve, and one automated quarter-turn valve.


Great idea :+1:t2:

No matter what your decision (keep valve, replace valve, or add a new valve in addition to this valve), can I strongly suggest you use a plumber and not a handyman.

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Curious if anyone knows what that brass looking fitting is two steps above the valve? There looks like a port or a pressure relief (which I can't imagine it is). Then there is a lot of transitions below the valve (black color?). A lot of space to fit a new valve depending on what has to stay.

I believe that is some sort of check valve/backflow preventer.


Oh yeah, looks like it is. Thanks