Product suggestion: Driver in use by

Maby it is already possible, just have not found a way:
I'm busy replacing a driver for another driver from another developer.
Is there a way to see what device is using a specific driver?

The only way I found is when you delete a driver, you get an error: driver in use by.
Nice, but not useful when you do not want to delete the existing driver.

You would think that the mechanism of checking for "driver is used by" is in place seeing the warning you get when trying to delete a driver.

So my product suggestion is: have a button in the driver page "used by" on the drivers page.


On the "Devices" page?

There's a "Type" column where it states the name of the device driver. You can sort by it so it shows all devices together based on the device driver name.


Yeah, but that option requires you to flip to another page. It would be more convenient if there was a button on the driver page.
Even more nice woould be: "Replace driver with.." and than be able to select devices that use the original driver.

So yes, you can see the data now, but it would be more user friendly to..

I guess it depends on your point of view.

If you're updating devices to use a different driver then IMO it's easier to bring up the devices page, sort by Type so you can see what devices are using what device drivers, then right click on the device link and "open in new window".

After all, you have to go into the device details page for each device to actually change the device driver anyway, so again IMO, seeing a list on the device driver page isn't that useful.

I'm not sure that's a good idea, IMO changing of device drivers is something that should be carried out carefully rather than in bulk.

Typically on changing device drivers you have to take care of preference changes, re-run any configuration changes, possibly even go via the intermediary "Device" device driver in order to clean up any scheduled jobs, states, etc, from the previous device driver.