Product of the Year Final Countdown

Happy New Year! With most Year in Review polls now closed, one battle remains open for a few more days!

Classic smart home line meets newest Z-Wave technology to compete for the “Product of the Year Elevated by Hubitat in 2021.

Although Lutron’s Smart Bridge Pro was launched in 2014 as part of company’s Clear Connect wireless system, it was one of the leading products elevated by Hubitat in 2021. The Smart Bridge Pro plugs directly into a home’s Wi-Fi router and can be connected to Hubitat Elevation via built-in integration app, to send wireless communication signals to many Lutron’s Caséta wireless devices, as well as battery-powered Serena and Triathlon shades.

Following in the footsteps of Lutron’s excellent smart lighting control, are devices offered by Inovelli and Zooz. The feature-packed Inovelli Red Series built on the 500 series Z-Wave Plus chip was launched in 2019 and it was still one of our users’ favorites in 2021. Zooz with one of its new 700 Series Z-Wave products shares the third spot with our newest integration of Lifx bulbs. Vote now until January 14th for your favorite device!


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