Product of the Year Elevated by Hubitat in 2023

The Year in Review is driven by Hubitat users' experience. As you may know, we do not endorse one manufacturer over another. We may recommend a device over another, from time to time, but that is based strictly on our personal experience and not on professional relationships.

With that being said, I can see how users might be able to share their experience with a manufacturer based on direct engagement with their support. That is an interesting idea. We will definitely consider it next year.


Aqara temp sensor. I added them to all of my fridges/freezers/kegerators and set up alerts if they get too warm, and added a tile to my dashboard. This stemmed from me being an idiot and leaving my chest freezer unplugged after I moved it, having to throw away a TON of food that spoiled. I now have precautions in place to keep this from happening again. These sensors are cheap, the tape is solid, and the battery life is fantastic. The range is also good as I have them 2 floors away from my hub and out in my garage, and they still report back regularly THRU THE FRIDGE/FREEZER walls, with no interference. Great product!

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This caught my interest....I haven't had very good success with Aqara sensors staying connected but maybe I'll give the Temp/humidity sensor a try. Which hub are you using?

I assume you are using this sensor?

And this driver?

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That is the correct sensor I use, but I use the Generic Zigbee Temperature/Humidity Sensor driver.
I use a c7 hub

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I voted for the zooz scene controller. After 2 years of trying to teach my non tech family about double and triple taps I gave up. They rarely got the timing right and always had to pause before pressing anything trying to remember which tap does what. The scene controller solved all that. I even ordered the engraved buttons that say what they do. "Normal" people just wanna press a button. Triple tapping is not a natural motion and it just doesn't work for some people.

I'd like to see a more attractive scene controller come out. Maybe something back lit with a touch screen that fits a standard light switch box.


I think these look great. I'm not sure if they work great, or with HE. Also, they probably aren't easy for tall people with big hands.

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When did that come out? I just bought my scene controller a couple months ago and never came upon this one. The button labels are a bit confusing, but it's attractive at least. Thanks.

I think it's been out for a few years. There is also a more expensive color version. I haven't really seen anyone talk about them.

Linptech mmWave sensor!


Govee Appliances, if it has to be just one product then the Govee 42" tower fan. It uses a community app in HPM to work and I believe it still uses the cloud but Govee has been making more devices local through their API. This company may become the leader in those oddball and one off types of devices if they keep moving towards local.

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This is a good candidate for Most Original Smart Device in 2023 category. Might want to post it there too, just so folks know you are happy with it.

They have been supported by he for some time. I believe @mike.maxwell created drivers for all of the devicez as well as a special mirror app for i teracting with the devicez.

Ive had one in a box for a long time waiting til i moved. I am going to install it to control my outdoor lighting very soon.

What's more attractive than a Zen32 with custom-etched buttons? That's pretty slick. I mean there's also the Leviton scene controller which looks good with etched buttons as well.

If by touchscreen you mean something like the Orbivo, yeah maybe. Looks good, but I prefer physical buttons on my walls. Not sure I want to have to swipe between screens, I have my phone for that.

Inovelli is also developing a configurable scene controller. You can check it out here:

Oh man if Unifi came out with Etherlighting earlier this year I would have found a way to manage RGB lighting in the switch with the Hubitat:

Hello @bobbyD,

As we approach the end of the first month of 2024, I am eager to know if there are any plans to announce the Product of the Year Elevated by Hubitat for 2023. I would appreciate it if you could share any updates or insights on this matter. Thank you.


We didn't plan on making any further announcements, but we thank everyone who participated in the 2023 Year in Review series.

And as popular as the Linptech Human Presence Sensor has been, we are happy to announce that it is now available as a built in driver with the latest platform release.


Can you guys do a video on it from setting it up to tips and tricks? This would need really handy for those of us not sure how they work in Hubitat, and if they are worth it for our houses.

I have three of these, garage work area, master walk-in closet, and video room, and they all do a fabulous job of keeping the lights on (or off) while I am not actively moving around.
But, this is with the community driver. I can not get the builtin driver to trip beyond a couple of feet. I tried varying the parameters and resetting and rejoining but returned to the community driver.


I have the same issue and have moved back to the community driver which works great.

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