Product of the Year Elevated by Hubitat in 2021 [NOMINATIONS]

Thank you Bobby and team doing this. I'm sure I'm not alone in appreciating the ongoing effort and information sharing by this community.


Customer Service/Support


Lutron and Iris motions(v2 and v3) are the CORE of what makes my lighting touch free.
Sengled bulbs have been rock solid
The Iris/Centralight 3210-L outlets have also been very key in keeping a solid zigbee mesh

All of the above has been rock solid. Sadly...some not being sold anymore.


I 2nd the NYCE sensors, but all of them. Ceiling motion, wall motion, and the door sensors. Rock solid, tiny, and super fast. Good luck finding them though right now. 1 showed up on Amazon this morning and I grabbed it. Need a couple more to be done.


One that has been vital to us has been the Iris V2 Smart Fob. It is bullet-proof as a presence sensor and the buttons are programmable so that the user can set the four buttons as desired. This may be the #1 item on the WAF.

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Zen Zigbee Edition Thermostat! It is great to just leave and return and have Hubitat set the mode and temperature to our preferred comfort level. I don't need to see the display. I just know it is working. Not only that, but the blank display makes it very unobtrusive on the wall.

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I agree, but the ZEN17 is even better because the switch inputs and relay outputs are independent. Great for controlling garage doors, HVAC dampers, whole-home humidifier, hard-wired motion sensors, irrigation systems, and the list goes on and on.


I agree, the most valuable single sensor I have in the house is the bed presence sensor I made using the Hubduino code and instructions in that post. It turns the bedside light off on whichever side of the bed is occupied and once were both in bed all the lights turn off, locks lock, garage door closes, mode changes to night and arms HSM, Blue Iris profile switches to night with different motion detection and notification behavior, and Alexa devices are set to DND. Then once one of us gets up in the morning for more than 5 minutes it disarms HSM and turns on the kitchen light and silences door opening TTS announcements until we're both up then it opens the shades and makes TTS audible again, Turns off Alexa DND and triggers Alexa to read the forecast.


Definitely agree with Zen16. I replaced a MyQ with the Zen16 to control my garage door. I wish I had made the change earlier.


It boggles the mind that people still want to use My Q after switching to HE.. Why use something cloud based when you could do a cheaper system locally.


Give me nexx garage and I won't need my q.

I get it. I HATED my q. So much so I ran away and went to nexx (because it came with references and connected to ST).

My neighbor got my q and I was STUNNED he got it to work. He even showed me how responsive it was in the app (which was NEVER my experience with it).

I bought ANOTHER my q on clearance and its still in the box for the hope that somebody will come along and bridge the gap with nexx.

Right now nexx is the only thing running on my ST hub and the only way I can shut down that hub is either if I get nexx on HE or I got to switch back to my q.

Part of the allure too I think is its because to part of Amazon key which is a feature for folks (including myself). Nexx admittedly doesn't work with Amazon key.

Also the paying for ifttt access for my q is total BS

Yeah, I first thought those Smartthings Multipurpose Sensors were the bees-knees of all-in-one sensors at a reasonable price. With some way to set a threshold on the x,y,z axis movement and some attention to the battery consumption (which might be addressable in the driver or firmware) I would go back to thinking it was an All Star.

You wouldn't believe the outdoor service I have pressed those into (w/ some rain & snow shielding) and had them perform as well as expensive IP6x protected motion sensing devices. I wonder if we can identify a lineage device made by some of the same folks that made the original. Surely they outsourced a bunch of that.

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Wish the forum allowed building a table where we could put a +1 by what we agree with and a -1 by what we don't.

Same! I have several outside w/varying levels of shelter and they work perfectly.

I think there was some discussion about this a while back, but I don't remember it resulting in any "aha - there they are!" moment. Luckily I have a number of spare V2's around, and hope I can make them last until I don't need them any more.

If anyone wants to buy a spot in my will for my V2s when I've left my mortal coil, PM me. :wink:

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I second the Lutron Caseta and RA2 integration.

MHCOZY 1 to 4 Channel 5V 12V ZigBee Smart Relay Switch

This series of relays may not win a lot of fans as they don't come as "finished" as other relays out there nor do they give you that "backed by a reliable name" feeling. You have to build them in to what you need, power, case and all.

But for the price I have been shocked at how much value these bring with a "no-to-low" worry factor after configured and operational.

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Zen 16, Security 2.0 to dry contact, ecolink tilt sensor... Replaces all that.


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HA HA, I understand the feeling... :confused:

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