Problems with Button Controller

I have a Remotec Controller set up using the Button Controllers app which has been working well. However this morning I wanted to add a function to one of the buttons but I get an error every time I try. The error Is ‘Error: Cannot invoke method tokenize() on null object‘. Any ideas on what’s causing this, and, more importantly, how do I fix it!

That particular button became messed up in the code for some reason. See if you can delete that button in the highest level of the UI. If so, then do it over again. If not, please PM me with more details.

Hi. Looked at this again per your advice. It appears I had a duplicate button controller. Not sure if this is related to a Z-wave issue or a software one. I was able to delete it and I am now able to edit the button. Many thanks for your help.

Just happened again, so I deleted that Button Controller and started over.

I'll let you know how it goes...

You might want to try Advance Button Controller community app. In my opinion, it looks nicer, and is easier to use.

I didn’t realise it was available. I used it in ST a lot. I’ve got quite a lot set up with Button Controller so I’ll stick with unless it goes wrong again...

...and I’m back to square one again. Mostly happens after I’ve edited one of the buttons, click Done and all seems well. Then try another edit, and the whole thing barfs. Same error. I think I’ll try ABC next, see if it’s more reliable...

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I’m a new Hubitat user and am also having a similar issues with the button controller, I’m trying to use scenes, and a Pico remote.
I’ve seen duplicate buttons, missing scenes, and instances where it was configured for a scene but it didn’t work or, configured for a scene, the scene name disappeared but the button did work.
Definitely considering heading back to ST, I don’t want to, but I’ve encountered so many issues with scenes and the button controller.
Would the Advanced Button Controller be better and worth a try?

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