Problems with a basic rule

Hi All, i have a problem with a basic rule,

I want HE to turn on a virtual switch when lux falls below a certain threshold and the wait until 23.59hour and turn the virtual switch off.

It urns the switch on when the lux is met but won't turn off when the time arrives. i cant see why it wont work, can anyone point me in the right direction please?

I can't comment specifically on your issue, but it may help others to know what platform version you are running. E.g.

It's always best if you can enable the logging and post a screenshot of past logs when the app runs (see below picture). Also app version as well as update version, as previously mentioned, would help narrow down the problem.

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Hi Guys, thanks for that, of course the info that youve requested might help , but i wanted to start at the beginning, and was interested in if the rule was formatted correctly.

So lets assume that ive made the correct selections, which is where we SHOULD start and say that my platform version is

before anyone suggests that i update, id just like to say its not happening, the last time i updated i lost my entire config (18 months work) and the backup wouldnt install so not interested.....

Regarding the logs, they dont say anything, it the moment the only way i can see to test the ruel is to pause it, switch off the virtual switch and then resume the rule.
At that point the log records the lum off the sensor and initialises the app but doesnt switch the virtual switch. this is a backward step from earlier when it switched on the VS.

im waiting for the ruel to run, its turned on the lights at the lux treshold, not im waiting until 10.15 tonight when they are supposed to switch off... here are the logs so far.

Would "When Weather Station illuminance is below 200 lux" still be true and cause the switch to turn back on after 23:59 if you have no conditionals on the step to turn the switch on? I wonder when you get your further logs, are you going to see it turn off at 23:59 and then back on again directly after that?

Might just need an if condition between times like 4PM and 11:59PM around that on action.

good point, we will see!

The lights did switch off at the correct time, so it seems to work (sort of) just like most of my HE stuff... when it feels like it...
they switched back on at some point during the night, but i dont know why...
unfortunately the log stopped when the pc went to sleep, is there any way to keep logs running without a pc running all the time?