Problems controlling ecobee using dashboard

Ok, maybe im just not seeing it, or maybe im not the smartest (doubting both), but I dont see a way to control my ecobee using the dashboard....

From the doc page, it says "The Ecobee Integration app allows you to control your Ecobee 3 or later smart thermostat from Hubitat™ Dashboard or use the thermostat measurements and presence detection to create automations with Rule Machine®."

This was one of the main reasons I purchased the hubitat as it worked with the system I already have, but I dont see a tile option, or anywhere on that document page that discusses controlling the ecobee from the hubitat dashboard.


I believe the dashboard doesn't has a thermostat tile yet, but you can create separate dashboard with tiles to up or down temperature or turn on or off and name the dashboard thermostat. Sharptools has a thermostat tile.

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I dont want to use sharptools, as I want to use the built in dashboard.

I would have to create an up rule and then have that icon represent up or down then?

Boy thats a silly workaround.

Yes, that's the only option for now, but that will change.

The thermostat widget on the dashboard is there now. (not sure what version but it's been a few days). I can adjust cool/heat mode and temp and fan with it. Seems to work great with Ecobee!

Why not just use the Ecobee app? It's not a local integration so it's not like you're going to see faster response times with a dashboard than with the Ecobee app.

Noticing an issue with this as well. It updates the Dashboard tile instantly if any changes are made either the device page itself, or via the ecobee app, or thermostat.

However, trying to make changes to the ecobee via the Dashboard, (change from off - cool - hot) or temp adjustments do not update the device page or the ecobee app or thermostat.

It appears to be working only one way?