Problem with Thermostat Controls due to half degree set points

Currently I'm struggling with a bug. The Fibaro Heat Controllers only take set points in degree set points, and if you set a half degree like 19.5, it rounds it up to 20. It round this up to 20 and changes what it shows in the device overview to 20 too.

However, the dashboard thermostat tile up and down buttons, adjust the temperature in half degrees, which then get overriden by the device driver and it creates a really buggy set up where it is challenging the alter the temperature. Can you imagine how confused it now gets if you try and press the down button twice from 20 to 19 degrees, but each time it gets to 19.5, it goes "oh, you mean 20" and changes it back.

I'd really like an option to change the buttons up and down to only work in full degress, otherwise I end up having to create customer buttons with rules which is a royal PITA.

I wouldn't have thought any of the CSS alterations would help in this case, as it's rather a back end issue with the thermostat tile.


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Down the bottom of the thermostat tile edit page you can change the increment.


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