Problem with simple automations @ sunset minus

I created several simple automations that were all set for sunset -30. For months I have had what I thought were flaky zwave devices because sometime they would all turn on and other times, only one. I then chaned the devices to zigbee but the problem was unxganged. Worked sometimes, other times not.

I have now set each rule to sunset minus a different number to see if that solves the problem but I'm thinkg that the software should be able to handle multiple events scheduled at the same time, like put them in a queue and dispatch them one st a time, or something.

Can anyone suggest whether my diagnosis is correct (that the app is not handling this) or do I still have flakey hardware?


It may not be an issue of whether the software can handle it but a congestion problem... just a guess. Sometimes lots of zigbee or zwave commands issued in a short time don't have the desired results. The "metering" function in groups and scenes is designed to address this.

What do the simple automations do? Do they activate a scene or turn on a group? Or do they turn on or off individual lights? If groups or scenes you might want to fiddle with turning off optimization and turning on metering. If it's just a bunch of lights you might try putting them into a group or scene first and giving that a try.

They are all individual and have different off times. I have never created a scene, and maybe never a group, so I don't know much about that. I'll look into it.


Yeah that may be unrelated to the issue but that's the first thing I'd try

I have one set up to turn the lamp beside our couch on 2 hours before sunset (-120).

It's been rock solid.

Do you have on/off optimizations enabled on the rule?
I do on mine.

Not for those. Otherwise some on, some off. They are all on now. but I really have no idea what it's supposed to do.


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