Problem with Mode Manager return from Away

I have a virtual switch called Switch-Away.
The switch is on a Dashboard, if I turn the switch on the Mode becomes Away as expected.
According to my understanding the settings for Set mode with switches the mode should change using time settings when I turn the switch off. This is not happening.
The logs show entering Away but not exiting.

Although both phones were present it would be good to take them out of the equation for testing.

I removed the presence triggers. I tested using switches and buttons. Both worked for setting Away. Neither worked for exiting Away. I know you must have at least one mode setting based on time. I have 2, Day and Evening. I'm kind of baffled as to the purpose of the Use Time settings for return from Away switch.

I think this may be a bug because I have the setup exactly as stated in the documentation.
I tried using a physical switch instead of a virtual switch. It didn't work but at this point that would be what I would expect.

I can confirm that Mode Manager does not return from Away based on presence sensors. I wondered why some of my rules were not working based on the mode.

Here is my settings:

Here is my Return from Away presence sensors setup:

I am setting the mode to Away using a rule when we all leave and lock the front door. However, as I understand it, if any user returns, the mode should change to Day, Evening, or Night Mode based on the time of day. That is not happening at all. I have debug logging on and it is not logging anything either.

@bravenel am I doing something wrong here or is it a possible bug in Mode Manager?

EDIT: If I set the mode to Away using the Mode Manager App using presence sensors for setting Away mode, it sets the mode to Away properly. If any of the sensors arrive, then it seems to set the mode to the proper mode based on time.

However, it would appear that if the mode is set using RM, it is ignored by Mode Manager App for setting the proper mode? Is this the proper behavior?

This works:

This doesn't:


Mode Manager is meant to manage the modes. So setting Away from RM is probably the source of this problem. Can't you just allow mode to be set to Away when everyone leaves, by Mode Manager?

Yep, that's what I will do going forward. Thought I could use RM to do it. Problem is solved....