Problem with hubigraph

Hello friends how are you? It turns out that I have just installed hubigraph and I am very happy with it, I have already seen that its creator has abandoned his project, but I have a problem, I am monitoring a washing machine plug, and from time to time the graph is deleted and I do not see anything, Could you help me?

WIll give it a shot. Which Hubigraphs feature are you using? Time line, bar, gauge, etc? Are you using Hubigraph Long Term Storage?

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As @brad5 has said above, are you using Long Term Storage. (LTS).
If not you will probably only get a few events appear unless you up the number of events for the device.

Does this mean that all the graph is disappearing or just the oldest data points?

I'm using Hubigraphs and for the below graph I have LTS enabled.


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I'm using time line, now I'll give you a photo of my graph, at 7 pm I put on a washing machine, and the graph is fine, now I've gotten into it and nothing comes out, I've installed long term, could you tell me how you have it configured?

Here is mine for temperature.


EDIT: I'm always unsure on what to use in quantization. I have some at 5 mins and some at none. Not sure what it should be TBH.

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Could you explain a little what each thing is for?

Amount of storage to maintain - Self explanatory.

Store date every X hours - the more events you generate the more frequently you need to write the data to file in case the events drop out. (As I understand it).

Time to start storing - This is the minute past the hour to store the data. If you have a lot of devices in LTS I pick a different minute for each one so that they do not all store at the same time.

Date Quantization - The period over which the data is acted upon using the below setting. I Think.

Quantization Function - I THINK this is what you do with the readings over the period above. Average, max, sum or min etc.

Decimals to maintain - For humidity I use none for temp I use one as I use centigrade.

All I can suggest is you 'poke and hope' around my values to see what works for you.
Good luck!!!!! :wink:

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Hola chicos active lts pero sigue sin aparecerme el gráfico de 3ndias como tengo puesto, no se que problema hay, alguna solución?