Problem with Frient Mini Plug "Generic Zigbee Outlet" Power Display

Hi guys,

after recommendations from this forum i bought a Frient Mini Plug, because i want to check the power consumtion of my fridge.

I set the Power reporting to 1W (tried other settings too), but it stays at 6w :frowning:
What am i doing wrong?

  • endpointId: 02
  • application:
  • firmwareMT: 1015-02E0-00030C08
  • manufacturer: frient A/S
  • model: SPLZB-131
  • powerCluster: 0B04
  • softwareBuild: 00030C08

does it drop to zero it you unplug the fridge?
looking at the logs I see the values changing, what were you expecting it to do?

Well, first of all, i donΒ΄t think my fridge only consumes 6w :wink:

Yes, it goes back to zero if i unplug it, but if i plug it back in (in combination with a real power meter),
the powermeter tells me 27W (open fridgedoor), the plug tells me 3W

Could there be a problem with the decimal places?

That looks to be the case.
Ill have a look.

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I'm also having problems with Power reporting on this device.

I've tried setting power reporting to 1, 5, 10, 15 and 30 but it doesn't make any difference. It seems to ignore the power reporting level, for instance reporting a change from 0 to 9 when reporting level set to 30, and it also seems to ignore the last, and therefore most accurate, power usage event.

Here is the log on my Frient outlet, Desktop PC Monitor, switching on.
Desktop PC Monitor Power Log
When switched On the monitor uses 41w of power but Frient/Hubitat never reports this. However, if I go to the devices properties and click Refresh then it correctly reports power = 41w.

So to recap I have 2 problems with the Frient Smart Plug Mini:
(1) Reporting too often because it is not respecting the Automatic Power Reporting level
(2) Not reporting the last power level unless I manually click Refresh.

Here are my device settings...

Frient Data

Also my Hubitat version is

Hope this helps find the bug. Thanks

Not all Zigbee devices will respect custom reporting configuration settings, although the spec says that they should.

That's useful to know.

Do you think it would be worth adding this type of extra information, such as limitations or incompatabilities, to the List of Compatible Devices? I purchased the Frient Smart Plug Mini because it was listed as compatible, had power reporting and was available in the UK. However as it is unable to report the last and therefore actual power usage then it might as well have no power reporting at all.

Hi Mike,

I've received a helpful message from @kkossev that states that their Frient outlet, model SPLZB-131, is correctly reporting power with a custom driver. Does this not indicate that the problem of the missing power event lies with the generic driver and not the Frient outlet itself?


Edit: Corrected model number.

@ivan - as I wrote in my message, I have SPLZB-131 ( different than yours which is SPLZB-134 )
It is quite possible that the two different models behave differently, although manufactured by one and the same company,

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