Problem with Enbrighten 43012 Zigbee Outlet

I recently installed one of these on my patio with a string of LED bulbs plugged into it. It paired OK but there is a strange problem turning it on and off. I have an automation which turns the switch on when I open my patio door, and this works fine. However, when I click on the dashboard tile for the device I get an hourglass icon and it just hangs. If I go to the device page and click the On or Off buttons the command is sent and the switch turns on or off but the status in the device page doesn't update unless I hit the Refresh button. The contact sensor on the patio door is about 2' away from this outlet and has always worked flawlessly, so it doesn't seem to be a signal strength problem (unless a wall outlet could somehow be less powerful than a battery-powered contact sensor).

Any ideas as to what the problem could be?

Heh! I clicked the Configure button on the device page and suddenly it started working.

Go figure. :grin: