Problem with conflicting Rule machine actions... Multi Sensor reporting time for lights to come on or off due to LUX conditions


So I have a couple of issues I need help with. I'll just stick to on per post so the thread.

I have a MultiSensor which is what I am using to determine if the lux is below a certain amount, and to turn on the lights in my keeping room. Hopefully the image below loads so you can see what I have. The variable you will not see is that I have the Sensor reporting every 30 mins, so if it gets very sunny (Sometimes happens here in summer) for a few mins and then starts to rain and gets totally dark, the sensor may have just reported too bright.

I may start the day with turning these lights on when I know that we may have inclement weather, so I may want to have the lux sensor not change the "state" of the lights (on or off). Is there a way I can (from my phone app) tell the rule not to run if I have manually turned the lights on?

This may be too complex to do, and there may be other ways to do this - so I welcome any ifo or help. I hope I have described this where it makes sense.

What I do in situations where I want to be able to bypass the rule is:

  1. Setup a virtual switch (boolean Hub Variable would also work)
  2. Setup a rule that will turn on/off the virtual switch when the real switch is manually toggled (Physical) - this requires a switch that will report Physical vs Digital on/off - it will show under device -> events, or a switch that will report button presses (Inovelli switches will do this).
  3. Add a Required Expression that the switch must be on or off, so it will not run and stop actions when it is switched on or off
  4. Add a rule that will automatically turn the virtual switch back off at a specific time or under a specific condition

Hopefully, this will help!

Also, I notice that there is no trigger events for your ruleโ€ฆ one will be required for it to trigger. :slight_smile: