Problem with abode device driver?

I just noticed some of my Hubitat automations aren't working correctly. It turns out that my abode device instance in hubitat is not reporting the correct abode arm-mode status. As I sit here my abode iota is in STANDBY but the abode device in hubitat (looking at the device page) reports the abode mode is HOME. Abode just rolled out a firmware update and I'm guessing my problem started after that update. Perhaps something with the update also involved a change to the abode cloud API that broke the proper communication with the abode device driver in Hubitat.

Has anyone experienced something similar, or is it just me?

I have Abode, not the iota version. Mine is still working. I haven't upgraded to the recent firmware though. If you have access to the timeline in the mobile abode app and you are logged in with the driver. They may have broke the api, it wasn't official so there's a chance.

First make sure you're logged in with the Hubitat Driver.

I'm not going to update if that's the case.

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Good call Trey! I think the Abode firmware update process caused the abode driver on Hubitat to be logged out. From hubitat I had the driver log back onto the abode account and now the status shows the correct value so everything should be fine.

Thanks for your reply.

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Try adding a rule to log back in automatically, You have to edit the driver but it's easy to do, see this post.

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Thanks Trey. This looks really straightforward to do and will be a great bit of insurance. Cheers.