Problem Setting Variable to Device Attribute

C7 (and .130) RM5:

I want to set a variable to a switch's Device Attribute. But when I walk through the gui, the Done button never appears.

I've tried local and global variables-- and as a string and number. the variable names don't have any funny characters in them. this one is a string:

All of the other Select string operations seem fine- Done shows up if i just try to set the variable to a string or something -- but none of the Device Attributes selections get the Done button.

@bravenel ?

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I am experiencing the exact same thing. The issue existed in as well.

For the record this only happens with Rule Machine (RM 5.0/5.1), the problem doesn't occur with any of my older (Rule Machine Legacy) rules...

I'll get it sorted out.


Turns out this was a side effect from fixing another issue concerning setting variables to custom attributes, where a special character in the variable name messed it up. That fix overlooked something, which something caused this problem. Fix in next release.


I found a quick workaround (while @bravenel is fixing this specific release issue) is to CLONE an existing rule with a Set Variable from Device Attribute and delete all lines not needed (except for that specific rule) ...

This might only work for the Rule Machine Legacy, since I don't have a rule with Set Variable from device attribute in the new RM and as we all know one cannot import an old RM into new RM :upside_down_face:.