Problem Rule temperature ¨Invalid Operand Type number¨


Hi there,i made a rule but is not working PLUS in the logs are shown errors

Here is my rule:

and here are the error log

Any Idea? (i have asimilar rule to turn on the device and doesnt work too and i have similar error logs):

I'm not seeing the same behaviour with a virtual temperature sensor and a rule picking up a 0.2 change. Do you have another temperature sensor you could test with? And/Or take a copy of the rule and replace the temperature sensor with a virtual one to see if you get the same behaviour?

Side note - would be nice if the virtual sensor detected the units from the hub settings, i.e. Celsius in my case.

You may also want to provide details (perhaps a screenshot) of the device details page for your temperature sensor, including the driver being used.


Are you on the latest firmware? There was update dealing with increased triggers in one of the last hotfixes. Maybe that is it.

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I suspect this is what @terminal3 is referring to...


Same here. All trigger events with increased and decreased stopped working for me after upgrade.