Problem Removing Motion Sensor in Zone Motion Control App (

I am trying to remove a motion sensor from a zone in Zone Motion Controllers built-in app, but the motion sensor device is showing as still being in-use by the child app.

When I look at the settings page for the child app I can see it is still subscribing to events for the motion sensor, even though it is no longer referenced in the main app setup page.

I was able to remove the motion sensor from other zone child apps successfully, so can only assume there was something special about how this one is setup. I'll try and re-create it an see if I can see what may be causing it.


I am finding it hard to reproduce the issue, which is good. Maybe it was some kind of remnant from an older platform release that hung around.... I could not configure the child zone app in such a way for the "triggerMotions" setting to appear, if that is of any help.