Problem playing radio news trough my Sonos speakers


Hey all!

I am having some issues with a rule/trigger, and was hoping anyone could help me out abit.

I want all mo sonos speakers to tell me the news, this should only happen between 0700 and 0900 in the morning, its should be triggered by my motion sensor. been experimenting alot, but to no avail!

i can provide a picture of how its set up right now.

as you can see i have put a link to in
" Send HTTP Request Enter URL to send request to"
this is because i thougt the news radio link should be, but i am starting to think i am way of track!

any pointers to help me in the right direction?



As I understand it, the only way to get a Sonos to play a URL station is by adding it using the desktop controller as a radio station.


is there any other way then URL then?
if not, then i guess i just have to try it out.
did a quick search for any ifttt solutions, but dident find anything!


AFAIK, nope. That's the only way. Sonos is finicky like that. Love their speakers, but I hate most of their software decisions.


I see NRK P2 listed under Tune In when I search for NRK. Is that one of their channels? It's all Greek to me. Or Norwegian . . .


Are you able to play the radio station using the Sonos app?

If you get the station playing then you can open the Hubitat device page for the Sonos device in use and capture the URI (Note: this is not "url" but "uri". There will be a few uri's on the device page and it's only by trial and error you will find the right one. Different stations work with different uri's. Enqueueduri or transporturi are the ones that usually work for me.

Once you have the uri you can set RM to "play" the it as an action.

First things first though...get the station playing on a Sonos speaker. Once that is done I can help with rest.


That should work or if you have Alexa you could just setup a routine in Alexa app to do this.


Thx, well atleast you recognized that its norwegian!:+1::grin:


thx i am gonna try this and what pcgirl suggested!
alot of help here! i am very thankfull!