Problem, LED lights flashing/ candlelight effect when set low

I have 6 LED Puck lights that are controlled via a Lutron Caseta dimmer switch. When I set the lights to a low dim level, say around 25%, I get a slight pulse from them, almost like a candlelight effect. I have these same dimmable LED lights throughout the house on both GE dimmers as well as other Lutron dimmers and this is the only set of lights that I'm seeing this phenomenon.
This is the only dimmer that has as many as 6 of these LED lights associated with it. I have another Lutron dimmer controlling 2 of the same LED lights with no problem. I also have a GE dimmer controlling 4 of the same lights where I'm also not seeing this problem. I'm thinking that it's a power issue of some sort because there are 6 lights associated with one dimmer.
I recently switched from Wink where I did not notice this as a problem at all. Same dimmer, same lights.

Is there a solution for this issue? Can I somehow adjust the dimmer ration within the device? Or, do I just need to refrain from dimming the lights so low?

There are instructions included in the box that allows you to set the lower limit for the dimmer (or you can search the Lutron support site). You can adjust this level to a point just above when the flickering starts. Unfortunately, there is what seems like zillions of LED bulbs and other lighting devices. They aren't all made to the same standard/quality. Differences between them mean slightly different operating characteristics. Lutron actually has a list of tested/compliant bulbs that are assured to work with each dimmer. You can find this on their website.

Getting back to the lower limit, this is more related to the lamp than the dimmer. Setting the lower limit will fix your problem, but at the same time, you may not be able to dim these as low as other bulbs before they transition from dim to off.


Here's a link to the PDF...

There are four pages depending on which variation of dimmer you have. If you bought it at a box store like Home Depot, you won't have the PRO version and the first page should apply to your application.


That's what I expected and was afraid of. Is there any reason why this didn't happen when I was using the Wink Hub2 instead of the Hubitat?... Also, why this doesn't happen with any of the other lights (exact same model of light) throughout the house?

There shouldn't be any reason why they worked with Wink and now flicker with HE (actually the Lutron Bridge). Are you sure you didn't manually set the trim level when you set these up with Wink? When you reset the Dimmers, I believe the trim values are also reset. Another option is to move the bulbs around to see if the issue goes away (this assumes you can do this easily). You can also pull the power to the switch and bulbs (pull the little tab at the bottom of the switch) ... this resets but doesn't clear out any pairings or settings and retry. Last option is to call Lutron support, they are very helpful and can walk you through any adjustments you may need to make.

Why it changed when you moved away from Wink may have been coincidental, not entirely sure. Depending on the quality of the lights you're using, there may be differences in manufacturing quality control. Sometimes over time, certain electronics components can change value slightly (some capacitors, etc), although this would be far down my list of immediate suspects since in most cases this can take a lot of years to happen. I have one Lutron dimmer that for whatever reason, required lower trim tweaking. Out of my 37 Lutron controls, only that one required any degree of special attention. Lutron has very tight quality control with "100% factory testing" meaning every item they manufacture is tested before leaving the plant.

In any event, the whole purpose of including a means to adjust low-end trim is because of variations in connected lighting product characteristics (and potentially, minor variations in their product). You have a means to resolve this, so I wouldn't read too much into this.

A couple of people have pointed you in the right direction. Your dimmers were reset when pairing to the bridge which reset the low trim. And not all bulbs perform well with all dimmers. The things to try are:

  1. Set the low trim and accept that the bulbs will not dim as low as expected
  2. Try different bulbs. Lutron does some testing of bulbs for compatibility. It's incomplete but may be a good starting point. LED Product Selection Tool
  3. Try different dimmers. The base Caséta dimmer (PD-6WCL) does not have a neutral. Pretty much all bulb/fixture combinations will perform better with a neutral, even Lutron dimmers. The Caséta dimmers with neutrals are PD-10NXD and PD-5NE.