Problem creating Button Controller 5.0 app

  1. I create a new button controller 5.0 app
  2. I select the button device
  3. I click add buton action
  4. I select button 1
  5. I select pushed and I immediately get the following error

It happens 100% of the time when trying to create a button 5.0 app. I'm just trying to move some of the button device rules I had created in RM 4.1 so it's not a huge deal atm.

I would try a reboot and see if that helps. (I don't remember seeing the "5.0a" version before, so they must have changed something in or one of the recent hotfixes; some users have reported problems with new app names/versions until an additional reboot.)

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That did it. I work in IT too so I should have jumped straight to doing that first...

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To be fair, you actually wouldn't be lying if you said you did just reboot! :smiley: