Problem Adding Ring G1 Keypad to HSM - JSON input text should neither be null nor empty

I'm having trouble getting my Ring G1 Keypad to work with HSM/Nyckelharpa. I'm getting this in my logs.

Log info -
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The JSON input text should neither be null nor empty. on line 529 (method parse)
dev:4582023-05-22 01:56:54.455 PMdebugEntry control: [sequenceNumber:3, dataType:2, eventType:5, eventDataLength:4] keycache: mycode

It looks like there is a community driver out there to fix it for the Ring G2 keypad, but I couldn't find anything for G1? @bcopeland

I had a few ghosts on my zwave from previous attempts in adding the Ring Keypad, but I believe I have all those removed now.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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