Private Boolean

Hi guys,

I'm not a brilliant rule writer and sometimes I get the private boolean stuck In the wrong state, so the only ways I've found to get it back to the right state is to delete and re-write the rule or create a new rule to do It.

It would be nice to have a button with in the rule to toggle the private boolean?

Sure would save me some time :+1:

You can write a rule that all it does is set the PB to true and then manually trigger it. Or you could just use local boolean variables instead of Private Boolean.


I've had that issue a few times. The way I get out of it is to have a handy rule for flipping the PB value. I go into the actions of the rule and then select which rule I need flipped, update the rule and then run the actions.

Thanks for the responses guys, just looking for a very easy fast solution with In the rule

This will depend on the construction of your rule but in some of mine I have put the following statement at the bottom of the rule that will reset the PB if it should be in a 'true' state. There is quite a big delay on it so it should not change the PB if it should remain false.
Just an option.


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