Private Boolean Won't Go False

I have this rule below and I got the basic idea from another post.

Why does the Boolean not go false? What is wrong with this rule? thanks

Your IF/ELSE IF/ELSE logic seems like it may be flawed. You may need a Nested IF statement instead of the three conditions you have currently. Only the FIRST IF or LAST ELSE is being executed, I think.

Changed it to the following. At least now it shows boolean as false. Now I will have to wait for wash day again!

You don’t need the Private Boolean at all. This is a simpler way of doing what you are trying to do:

IF (Light Sensor is on) then
  Speak “rinse cycle” -> delay 4 minutes (cancel)
  Cancel delayed actions
End if
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@dan.t Thanks, I see where that would work. Only thing I need is to delay the beginning before the IF because the dang light on the washer blinks 3 times before it goes solid for the rinse cycle. That makes the speech repeat 3 times so I need it to wait until it is solid to announce just once.

Actually it won’t. The speech is delayed for 4 minutes and gets canceled when the light turns off while blinking. You should still be fine