Private boolean logic. Simple pause rule doesn't work

I'm wondering if my understanding of how private boolean should work is flawed.
Don't they prevent a rule from triggering when the value is FALSE?

I have a rule here that looks simple. It should notify me that me battery is full, but not keep doing it over and over and over again. It should only notify me again if it is still full after 3 hours. It should follow that same rule if the battery is low.

not sure why it doesn't work.

The thing keeps chatting away repeatedly instead of waiting 3 hours.
Is my logic/code wrong?

help appreciated,

You have to build PB in as a condition within your rule. Otherwise it will do absolutely nothing at all. So, if you add a condition of PB being true to both of your IF statements, then it will do what you want. Either that or you can wrap the whole rule in another layer with one big if PB true.

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Woww, thank you so much.

my understanding of how the PB works was definitely flawed...

So this should work?

Much appreciated.

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You got it!

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