Price reduction at wally world on Xiaomi Mijia Smart Light Sensor

original price $79.09 now on for $19.09

quick my fellow canucks get em while they are hot!!

Go Leafs Go!!!

Got mine in under 2 weeks at 3/$36 ($12 each).
Of course returns are a little more complicated. :wink:


Thanks, saw your post earlier, 15 dollars canadian for them. so for the the sake of 4 bucks went with wally route.

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In the US store: Xiaomi Mijia Smart Light Sensor Zigbee 3.0 GZCGQ01LM Detection Sensor Work with Mijia Smart Multimode Gateway White - -

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thanks for the tip, of course you should post this on the general or USA page as they should know, dont figure alot of people read the Canadian site for deals LOL. I know I hardly ever do since the Canadian distributors/resellers hardly ever put up good deals. Sorry slipping into a rant there, take off eh!

Has anyone tried these to see how well they work? My only light sensor right now is a hue motion sensor and I have had very mixed results from it. I would love to bring light sensing to my motion lighting automations.

Also I assume it pairs fine with HE given it is zigbee 3.0?

I have seen a few users recommend these and a search of the brand brings up a few subjects with these mentioned, e.g. [Release] Xiaomi / Aqara / Opple Drivers with Presence!

there are some complaints about falling off of Zigbee but no one yelling from a mountain top to not use, at least not what I have seen so far.

Hell for the difference of 50 dollars (original price vs sale price) I am will to experiment and see how I make out. I have made more expensive mistakes before. :upside_down_face:


Just waiting for the Incredible Universe stores to open back up to find some cheep ZigBee devices. Oh I miss that store.

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hmmmm, 1997 is a reach back and a half, if I go that far back I remember having hair!!

I have 2 which I average to determine illuminance outdoors. They are situated on window sills under large eaves at either end of the house (I'm in Thailand so it's never cold. and they don't get wet where they are sat) They've been perfect. They look great, they haven't once dropped off the mesh in 6 months, have been utterly reliable, and are as cheap as chips from AliExpress.

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I don't use these but i do use mijia motion sensors and the only thing that i had problems with was them going into deep sleep and not reporting for days. Solved that with a couple of ikea repeaters that i read about in here to keep them alive. It worked but i ended up switching to old iris motion sensors and kept the mijia as a backup.
Not sure if those will do the same.

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Aka impossible, here in usa cost is 40 usd for shipping to China. So essentially no return policy...
Although aliex has been good if product not received or received broken, usually get partial refund.

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