Price decrease for Ring z wave extender first gen - power failure acknowledgment helper

If anyone looking for a device to acknowledge a power failure , the Ring Z wave extender FIRST GENERATION has decreased in price to $18.75 (USD) on Amazon. It has a battery backup that kicks in when power is lost and can be used to detect a power failure in your home. A rule can be utilized to shut down your hub safely. A new version is coming out in the next few weeks but the first version works great in this function and a driver has already been written by a community member. Just an FYI if anyone interested. Ring Alarm Range Extender (1st Gen) : Electronics


Yep they are cheap now because a new version is coming out.. And you can use my driver for tracking outages


And I have an app to gracefully shut down your hub(s) :slight_smile:



@Cobra Me and you have no issues with shameless plugs :crazy_face:

8 Likes not a shameless plug..

'Helpful information'.. :slight_smile:


Is this Z-Wave plus?
And some people say it's a weak extender, what's your experience

Yes this is zwave plus. As far as a weak z wave extender, I purchased it because of its battery backup capability and to signal my shutdown hub rule by going from mains ( electricity) to battery when a power failure has occurred. Cobra has graciously written a shut down hub app. You can always use Rule machine also for a safe hub shutdown during a power failure. I know of two community members who have written drivers for this device to work with Hubitat. I don't know if this Ring extender can really serve as a good z wave extender or not for Hubitat

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