Prevent Rule action from repeating

I created a simple event trigger on a value (Bigger than 190).

Then when this happen I want to be notified so I created an Action to notify my phone.

The problem is this keep repeating over and over without stopping until the value is under 190.

How do I prevent this?
I found the delays but this doesnt work because I want the notification as soon as this happen and then wait for 10 minutes before generating the notification again.

Use the rule's private boolean (PB) in the Required Expression and have it set to true there. Your actions should look something like this:
Set PB to false
While (value > 190) repeat 0:10:00
Send otification
Set PB to true

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like this? I changed the threshold values...

I'm still getting notification every 10 seconds (every time new value get in).

I'm trying to post a screen shot but it look like I cannot add media to posts and no links either...

Set Private Boolean(false) False
While (EGT_Poele (voltage1) voltage(426.40) > 400.0(T) [TRUE]) Repeat every 0:10:00
Notify Pixel 6, SM-G991W: 'Poele a %value%(Poele a 422.34)'
Set Private Boolean(false) True

Did you put the Private Boolean in the Required Expression?
Look for this RE slider

Should look like this when you're done

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