Pretty sure my switch needs replacing. Any troubleshooting steps I should try that I have not thought of?

The Zen30 we have in one bathroom all of a sudden has a lot of flicker when dimming LEDs. For example, at night we have it set to come on at 20%. This worked fine for a long time. There are 3 lights and they dimmed just fine. In fact, I could dim them all the way until they turned off with no flicker. But now, at 20% only 2 of the 3 bulbs even light up and the other 2 flicker very badly.

At this point, I am pretty sure it's the switch. I have a Zen77 in the other bathroom that also powers 3 LED bulbs. The exact same model bulb. So I swapped the bulbs around, and the bulbs that were previously in the Zen30 dimmed all the way down to about 3% with no flicker and turned off below that. The bulbs that were previously in the Zen77 started flickering really bad when dimming after being moved to the Zen30.

This is a first generation Zen30 using a 500 series chip. I know it's out of warranty. I've already submitted a ticket to Zooz support to see if they had any ideas. They suggested trying a factory reset, which I will probably try tonight but don't have high hopes for. I am just wondering if anyone else has an idea to try before I buy a replacement device.

I had something similar happen to a Leviton DZ6HD wall dimmer. What I did that fixed it is remove power (being a wall switch I threw the breaker for 5 seconds). Then did an Exclude + Factory Reset + Include. May not work for you but maybe worth a try.

Question for @jtp10181. This is not related specifically to your driver, but I figure you know these devices really well. I want to try and factory reset the Zen30 because that's what Zooz support wants me to do. I can make a virtual device and use the swap apps but only with the dimmer, and not the relay.

I know there is also the zwave replace feature as well. So I could factory reset and do zwave replace from the zwave settings page, but I don't know how that will act with the child device.

Is there a good way to factory reset it without having to re-do any automations? Do I just need to manually replace it with a virtual device anywhere it's used?

The factory reset / Z-Wave replace will work perfectly with the child device. There seems to be a driver matching bug with HE right now so it might possibly switch to the system driver when you pair but it should not mess with the child, just switch back to my driver if it does that.

*Take a backup before also, just in case something goes wrong you can at least restore the device entry / automations.

Okay, thanks. I have used z-wave replace several times, just never with something that has a child device. After the factory reset nothing changed. I didn't really think anything would.