Pretty basic rule not working help please

I have a hard time reading the phone format, can you screen shot from a pc browser?

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Also, please, a little bit more detail on what "not working" means. That is, the rule never triggers, the heater turns on but never turns off, the notification doesn't get sent, the garage explodes into a ball of fire .. that sort of thing.


Sorry about that. Just can't get it to trigger for some reason won't turn on through the rule no matter what temp I set it at even tried it through RM and no luck

Will have to grab one tonight when I get on my computer at home

Ah, better. And you've looked to see the Garage Sensor is reporting back a temperature of less than 34 degrees? Could it be a C/F scale issue?

Click the gear icon on the rule page and screenshot the event subscriptions. [Note: I use Rule Machine exclusively so forgive me if that doesn't apply to Basic Rule.]

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Yeah I woke up this morning and it was 30° going off the garage sensor. OK still new to this here's the screen shot so lmk if you see anything else possibly you need to look at

I don't see anything wrong with your rule. Just to be sure .. if you look at the events on the Garage Sensor events page, you do see it reporting temperature and in the F scale as expected?

Sometimes when things that ought to work don't, you might consider just removing the rule and creating it again.

Could it be something to do with the action "turn in" for the thermostat?

Are you able to successfully control the thermostat from the device page?

Yeah absolutely no problem. it's just a ZooZ relay that's turning it on

Yeah it seems to be reporting just fine I deleted it and will try it again tonight and see what happens

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