Presense sensor only for specific time of the day


Looking for help, I am trying to get RM to detect if i am out of bed then start to run rules. I think i'm not getting it right as it's just opening the blinds in the morning.

So my goal is,

[Withing sleep mat] if i get out of bed anytime between 6:30 am and 10:00am. I want the withings sleep mat to detect i am out of bed and after 10 minutes of me being out of bed, activate opening the blinds.

This is how far i've gotten but i don't think i understand enough to fix it. any help much appreciated.

usually in presence sensors there is an option to say how long before changing state.. like below .. if there is such an option just set it for 10 minutes then just change your rule the if should be first and then the postition shades .. then an endif.. your trigger looks fine.

also the if should be "between two times" your 6:30 to 10:00 not sunrise and 9:00 according to your description

if you don't have that option you can use a rule like as shown below.. i don't know how fast your sensors changes from present to leaves, but it will delay 10 minutes after it senses your are gone then open blinds. and if you go back to bed cancel the delay.

Therefore you use "changed" instead of "leaves" and also use your sensor instead of my "mod 3" finally you would replace the log message with your open blind command..

let me know if you don't understand.