Presensce sensor other than phone

I'm working on setting up a smart home system for my mother, who does not have a smart phone, nor is one in the foreseeable future. I'd like to set up something so that when she comes home, it will turn on certain lights in the house. Is there any type of key fob or tag that the system will pick up on that she can leave in her purse or on her keys?

Samsung had one for SmartThings, that I think would work, but it seems they don't make them anymore. I know that one option would be a smart button in the car, but if I can make it something that does it on it's own, without input from her, that would be better.

I have 2 of the discontinued Iris 3450-L2 key fobs I was thinking about selling. They work great, we just don't ever use them. Let me know if this is something you are interested in.

I have one of these and it works well for the type of thing you are looking to do. Might want one with less buttons though.....

A note on the Samsung arrival sensor with Hubitat. I could never get mine to work well in the car until I did the mod to power it with AA batteries. Now it seems to be rock solid.

On the Iris fob and the Aeotec button, would you have to push the button when arriving home, or would the system pick up on them automatically?

I could be wrong, but I think they are push button devices. I.E. they need to have the button pushed to activate the action.

I have 2 Aeotec nanomote quads (button) and can confirm that you will have to setup and push a button for actions to be taken. They work well but they are not automatic presence sensors. Aeotec also makes a model with one button instead of 4 buttons which might work better for your mother.

My wife and I have the Samsung arrival sensors in our cars. They work well but they do go thru the batteries. Every 3 months or so I am replacing the small 2032 batteries. I am tempted to modify it to connect a battery pack as @bamoore01 has done.

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