I've been using Life360 for the longest time for present sensing and it always seemed to have worked until the last couple of months. It's been really flaky. I'm also using Wi-Fi detection and presents governor. None would seem to be reliable or work properly. Is there an easy way to have presents sense when coming and going? I have rules set up if everyone's gone mode goes into a way if one person comes home it gets changed to day night evening whatever the case may be as far as right now now working. Help

I've been using the built-in app presence sensing on 2 android phones and 1 iPhone and has been working rock solid for a year when I first got my C7 (now a C8).

How do I place this on my sons iPhone

You have to install the Hubitat App on the phone.
Set your location in GeoFence...
... then you must Enable GeoFence in the settings.