Presence via Motion Detection

It is not practical for me to use phone devices to determine it people (children) are present. I have used a motion detector and a timer to determine presence.

If no motion is detected in the previous 12 hours then my family must be away. I then set a viable named "Away" and condition all my automatic actions on it's being false.

Under Hubitat how should I do this. How do I establish this variable?

Is there a better way?

You don't need a variable. Just have an "Away" mode.

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Now how do I setup the timer and motion detector?

Set up a virtual presence sensor and base "Away" and "return from Away" on that.

In rule machine, set a trigger to motion detectors are inactive and stays for 12 hours. In the actions, change the presence sensor to "departed", then wait until motion detectors are active and change the presence sensor to "arrived".

So far failed.

I created a virtual device called presence. Don't know how to base "Away" and "Home" modes on its buttons of Arrived and Departed.

Okay I got a rule triggered by the motion detector inactive and stays for 12 hours.

But I can't cause the rule to click the departed Button.


I believe in RM you choose a Custom Action to change presence.

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I added a device called "Boca Motion" which is a Zooz ZSE18. and a virtual device called "Presence".

Is your "presence sensor that device. and you are not creating a virtual device?


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