Presence triggers with two people

Came home today and my garage was 1/3 open. My wife and I were in the same vehicle and it detected us a few seconds apart. The sensor is in the middle of the door so it still hadn't triggered open from the first arrival. So it triggered the relay again and paused the opening. How can I manage this when we're both together? Works fine with one coming home at a time

Look at the Presence Central app by Cobra. Combine the two sensors into one aggregate virtual presence sensor.

Option 2 for the home/away calculation is most common.

What's your current automation to open the door?

Is that still going to work when we're separate?

I don't understand the question. If you each have some form of presence sensing individually, then yes.

I'll just install it and see how it works. The way it sounds is it will combine the sensors and only open when both arrive at once

the app has different options on how to handle the at home state versus the away state on the combined virtual presence sensor.. Option 2 is probably the one you want.

Or maybe not. :slight_smile: With option 2 if someone else was already home the garage door will not automatically open when the second person comes home.

Yeah that won't work for me then. Thanks anyway

Go into the restrictions, and click the slider for Enable/Disable with Private Boolean. Then go into your actions for True, add an action to Set Private Boolean False for *** This Rule ***, and add another action to set Private Boolean True for *** This Rule *** with a 1 minute delay, or whatever period you don't want actions to repeat.

Will that just run the action XX minutes later or cancel it all together if it tries to run twice within XX minutes?

It restricts the rule so nothing happens during the period.

Awesome. I don't really understand all the advanced options. Thanks for that

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I think this might work as a solution...

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Where on the door is your tilt sensor installed? If the door reads as open, the rule should not be triggered. The tilt sensor should be on the topmost panel of the door so it can read open as soon as it starts moving. I think that would help as well.

I originally used a tilt sensor as well, and ran into the issue that the OP has... Tilt sensors, by their nature, only function once past a set number of DEGREES... On my garage door that is almost 1ft it had to be open before it registers as open.

I added a contact sensor... Issue solved even when using a similar RM rule as the OP, as it now registers open instantly, making it False for a second arrival even when separated by only seconds.

I'll look into changing to a contract sensor if the Boolean fix doesn't solve the issue. Thanks guys

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