Presence Sensor Device in Homekit integration app

Does homekit integration app include presence sensors? I think this is the last thing preventing me from fully taking down homebridge now that we have locks integrated!

I did try the presence sensor switch device type but it only represents people as switches which does not show the person in the “Occupancy Detected” section.

Doesn’t seem to as my 4 presence sensors only show the motion state n HomeKit via HE.

What I did was to trigger a virtual switch with the sensor presence and share it with HomeKit.

My virtual presence sensors don’t even show up anywhere in the Homekit integration categories.

Were you referring to the virtual presence with switch device type? This unfortunately only shows up as a plain old switch in Homekit.

As Apple intends..

Remember, sensors aren't setable. You cannot tell a door sensor to be Open and expect the door to actually swing open. :slight_smile:

Apple's "presence sensor" within the iPhone or iPad, don't get presented PLUS Homebridge and HomeKit Integration are uni-directional.. devices can be sent TO Apple, not From.

The solution then is to create a virtual switch and send that To Apple. Using Apple's Automations you can then mirror Presence into the switch. And as long as all you need is a switch within Hubitat, this works well. However, most people want Apple's Presence to be Presence in Hubitat. This is where the 'hybrid' Virtual Presence with Switch device shines. The Presence attribute also mirrors the switch state. On = Present, off = Not Present.

But what you can't do, is set Apple's presence condition any more than you can change a door via a door sensor.

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I think I'm pretty much with everything you just said. Except, I humbly disagree with one part. Virtual sensors are most definitely settable, within Hubitat that is. I do it all the time, using Home's automation and a separate makerapi app with just presence sensors. I've created home automations for "when I arrive" , "when other family member leaves" etc that calls the devices' url to switch the virtual sensor to "present" or "not present". But I understand what you mean by setting a door sensor's state to closed will not close the door. The sensor is there to tell you whether the door is closed or not. I just want this same intended capability with the presence sensor. I'd like to see if a person is present or not. Homebridge makerapi's implemenation does this by displaying the sensor as an occupancy sensor. It displays occupancy like all of the other sensors at the top.

But what is the "Apple's Presence" you're referring to?

Is this something you can see in the home app? If there is, then I wouldn't need the presence/occupancy sensor. The only way I can see anyone is home is by looking at the occupancy sensors which I've set up from homebridge makerapi app, which is why I wanted this capability as part of Hubitat's Homekit integration app!

Just create 2 automations in the Home app for each Virtual Presence Switch.

True.. I should have said "Remember, REAL sensors aren't setable." Me, assuming, again :slight_smile:

There are a few things to set in Apple ecosystem, such as "Home" if that's what you're going to call it. You imply that you've used Apple's Automation option in Home app and so I hesitate to repeat what you already know. You need one Automation for "arrive home" and another for "leave home" Both set the state of the 'virtual presence with switch' device.

Thank you. I indeed use this for setting my virtual presence sensors. The difference is everyone seems to be setting the virtual presence with switch devices to on or off. I'm using makerapi to call the url to set the switch to present or not present. I've been doing it this way because when I originally set this up, I don't believe there was a virtual presence with switch device type; just a virtual presence one.

Yes, I am using Apple's Automation option in Home app, so you don't need to repeat yourself. I don't believe I'm doing it the way everyone else is because I don't use switches (I don't believe virtual presence with switches existed when I was using the homebridge makerapi app), I set the presence using makerapi url requests. Essentially, "When I arrive home, run a shortcut to call a specific url that is connected to hubitat which will set a presence sensor to present." I have no problem people using a switch and setting it to on to consequently set a presence sensor to present. I just don't do it that way. No matter, the presence sensor is set to present. I just want to display the presence sensor state in Apple's home kit app.

I'm failing to communicate what I'm requesting. I can see that the Hubitat integration app allows for motion sensors and contact sensors. The motion sensor simply displays whether the device senses motion or not. Not to make motion or not (your door analogy). The contact sensor simply displays whether the door sensor is open or not. Not to open or close a door (your door analagy). In the same vein, I would like a presence sensor that simply displays present or not. The hubitat makerapi app does do this using the occupancy sensor convention. It displays whether a person's occupancy is detected or not.

This is how I'm set up:

I think I understand the way you achieve your desired result. potato patato

The Virtual Presence with Switch 'hybrid' was created before MakerAPI and when Homebridge was a rickety thing. :slight_smile: It's still functional via HomeKit Integration.. and I am wondering if you would be able to migrate in the event you wanted to shutdown an external Homebridge for the built-in Integration. Obviously, Homebridge isn't going away and neither is MakerAPI so your method will work for years and years.

I think I have veered the conversation in a direction I didn't intend. My question wasn't about how to set presence state. My question was only about how to display presence state on Apple's Home app. Like how I have it here:

This is doable with homebridge-hubitat-makerapi app because the hubitat's presence sensor attribute is displayed as an occupancy sensor in homekit.

My goal is definitely to stop homebridge and fully migrate to Homekit Integration. Originally, the biggest obstacle for me was not having lock capabilities which we now have! I'm curious now though after looking at homebridge-hubitat-makerapi plugin's capabilities above. Does Homekit-Integration handle any of the other fringe devices like carbon dioxide sensors, etc, or is Occupancy Sensor the only device type missing? I don't have a carbon dioxide sensor by the way!