Presence Question

Hello, I am trying to figure out presence sensors with the built-in/provided functionality. In Hubitat ( there are settings for Hub location and a Virtual Presence device. I can create a virtual device with no problems. It allows me to toggle logging and manually set not/present.

On my phone, I have the Android Hubitat app installed (v1.27). Until I turned on Hub Login Security this morning, I could access the dashboards locally and remotely. This seems to indicate that communication works (or worked).

How does the Hubitat app talk to the Virtual Presence switch? I can't seem to make that happen.

Thanks in advance!

The mobile app creates its own presence device. Look at your device list.

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Thanks, I see it now. It has the same name as the "Device Name" in the app on my phone.

Please upgrade to for the cloud stability improvements. You'll need a stable cloud connection for the mobile presence to function correctly.

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Thanks, I just updated. Had to restart Hubitat before the update was available. Now the fun parts begin. :slight_smile: