Presence Priority vs Switch

Can someone confirm based on what I'm seeing, that presence detection takes priority over any physical switching for changing modes. When I have presence enabled and move my phone to be "away", the mode correctly changes to Away. If I then try to manually disarm away mode using a Return from Away virtual switch, it doesn't work, stays in Away mode as it appears presence is taking priority. Only when my phone "returns" that the mode switches correctly...

For what it's worth, I figured it out. Rookie mistake.

I had originally made a Virtual Switch to arm/disarm away mode. Presence would set mode to away, but didn't "flip" the switch ON, so it was still sitting in the off position. When someone came home and tried to disarm (setting switch off) they couldn't because you can't turn off a switch that is already off.

I had to create two switches and set to default to auto off (5s). So now the arm and disarm commands both trigger their respective switch to ON, and then reset back to off eliminating the conflict of trying to turn off something that already had a status of off.

Hope this makes sense for someone who is searching for this in the future.

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