Presence & Notifications iPhone


I have the following issue. After some time I always need to reselect my mobile app device in the Hubitat iOS App so that the presence functionality as well as notifications on my phone do work. Has anyone an idea how I can solve this issue?


In the settings of the HE app, Settings>>Advanced>>Turn on High Accuracy Presence

Does not help

Is the app still open when you have to select it? (swipe up and see if it's in the cards).

That said built in geofence isn't the greatest. A lot of people use combined presence from Hubitat package manager. I use @iharyadi presence sensor combined with my phone. Others use Life 360 combined with something else because it becomes 100% reliable.

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Yes it is in the cards

I'd go life 360 and Wifi presece from HPM with combined presence sensor from HPM

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