Presence / Mobile app logging out / select hub screen

Having an issue on the wifes phones. Did all the typical Android stuff. location access, don't optimize battery, etc.

I'll notice her presence quits updating, and every time I have her check her phone she's at the screen to select a hub. She clicks our hub, it connects, and everything works fine for a few hours or maybe even a day.

Anyone else run into this?

I'm logged out and when I attempt to login in I'm seeing "Internal server error".

AWS outage at the moment.

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Try again.... seems to be back

An update to my original post. I didn't realize she had to log back in each time. But the weird thing is notifications kept working.

This has been going on and off for 2-3 days. And only on her phone.

I have an Android tablet having the same problem, probably started some time last week and still doing that now.
A few times this week already, after starting the app, it asked to log in. select hub and select the device again.
That's my home central controller for all devices, so it's kinda annoying. Notification seems still working during the time as OP said.
However, my and my wife's Android phones do not have this issue.

So Just an update to my issue. I don't know what changed, but her phone has stayed logged in pretty much since a day or two of my posting. Nothing changed. It just started working again.