Presence issues 8/9/19

Presence has been much better for me in the last few weeks, until today.

I'm sitting at my desk but I keep leaving/arriving a lot! Which of course is immediately shutting down switches and turning the alarm on. I keep making the geofence bigger and bigger but it doesn't seem to help.

I've tried logging out, rebooting and reinstalling the app. No luck. I know I can rework my presence rules into RM so I can add a presence delay (which would fix this issue since the leaving/arriving is nearly instant). But I really wish presence timeout was an option in the regular mode manager.

anyone else seeing anything today? I will log an email with support as well.

iOS 6s

My wife has a new Iphone. Yesterday her presence was working, but VERY slow to respond. Today, she's not at home and, in fact, in another State and "presence" is telling me she's still here. My phone is Android, but I've been working on the lawn so haven't tested it for presence today.

Anything useful in settings debug information?

It seems to have calmed down. But I had to put the house in a mode where it ignores presence.

Here is a snippet from the debug. I'm not sure if there is something I should be looking for in the debug to send.

My wife left for Florida on Tuesday... Hubitat has her present... no away mode for me...

My wife has an iPhone and the presence sensor does not always work. Maybe twice a week it will show the right status then stop working. If I sign her out and sign back in, it will work for two more days, but no guarantees.

Turned off battery optimization for my wife and after a few days it won't update. Captured this screen shot today. It obviously shows she is present but the app doesn't agree. As soon as I adjusted the circumference, it recognized her as being present.

I have the app on my iPhone and other family members and still seeing inconsistent presence. Sometimes it works other times just not being found. It’s really frustrating when the alarm does not turn off since it did not detect someone arrived. Anyways to debug this better??

And any other solutions that are more reliable ?
Also using the WiFi presence which helps but still not ideal if WiFi is turned off on the phone.