Presence is a little wonky - any alternative to Life360?

Okay I get it! Thanks! But I think my Geofency phone app is not interacting with my Rules for Arrived and Departed.
I set up the Geofency circle as small as it would go, and the Hubitat mobile app very large.
When I step outside the Geofency circle it does not kick off the rule to close my garage door.

Either the Geofency part is not working, or the Advanced Combiner is not working.
I w have a dashboard set up for 'Eric - iPhone' and 'Eric - Combined' and neither one works when I step outside the Geofency circle. Should it be fairly instantaneous?

Should the Test Enter and Test Exit on Geofency app make my 'Eric - Iphone' presence change?
And do I need to put my login info into Geofency? I have security turned on in Hubitat.

I have life360 set at 1000ft and it works great.

Yes, life360 definitely worked great. It just killed my battery like no other app.

Sounds good !How many users can you add on one app purchase? Or do I need purchase app on each device?

Wanted to check back in and say that I fixed it! It was a mis-configuration in my Geofency. I had the "Arrive" webhook (app ID) set in both Arrive and Depart, so it was never sending my depart presence. Thanks for the heads up on Geofency. I am planning to use both the Hubitat Mobile app and Geofency for Geofencing actions.
Thanks again!

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The app purchase is tied to you Apple account. If you’re using the same Apple ID across devices, then the purchase is shared.

I am trying to understand how to set this up, where do I copy the url information from to paste into Geofency I am new to hubitat came from the ST platform so far so good however presence is poor on the iPhones on hubitat.

Once you install the geofency integration app and launch it, it will generate a URL and access token for you. All you have to do is insert your user name in the URL before the "?access_token"

Thank you for the reply, I think I am missing the point, is there an app I need to install on the Hubitat?

I have the app installed on the Iphone. I am sorry I am new to the whole Geofency application and how it integrates to the Hubitat, I had pretty good luck with ST geofence presence, and struggling with the Hubitat Iphone presence.


Take a look at this post (and thread). It has all the instructions you need:

Alternatively, you can go directly to @brianwilson's Github for his Hubitat app and detailed setup instructions.

Yes, there's an app on the HE side that also connects to virtual presence devices representing each user and location combination available in Geofency. The app itself is available from HPM (Hubitat package manager), if you're familiar with that.

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Ok thank you again, I am working on HPM to get the ap installed. will check back again with you if I run into issues.

Thanks for the support.

NP glad to help. It is a bit tricky to set up so if you run into issues don't hesitate to reach out.

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Brad, well I thought I had it figured out, but when I try to add this to Geofency I get an error,

(there is no period ( . ) after the copy as it shows in the example? Correct?

do you change /location/ to name like mine I am using Home .

do you leave the? after user name my user name is Sal


No on location, and your user name and URL look correct. Not sure if user is case sensitive. HTTP method should be PSOT(JSON) not just POST. That may be what's giving you that error.

The location you're reporting is the name of the location in the geofency app, and it must match what is set in the device driver.

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Well that PSOT(JSON) was the cause of the error. I got that working, now to see if is working correctly on the Hubitat side.


Brad with your help got it working, now I will see how consistent it is. Thank you for your support.

Glad it worked... I find it and life360 about the same, and I actually use them both.