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I am not an app developer, for any operating system, but if it were easy to come up with a rock solid geolocation feature that didn’t constantly drain the phone’s battery, then every mobile app would do it.

In my experience as an app user though, many other cloud-connected home automation products can have a lot of trouble with consistent, reliable geolocation.

Respectfully, you have come off as pretty dismissive re: several elements of the hubitat platform and app since the OP. Perhaps that was unintentional, perhaps not.

But if you can come up with a way to constructively participate in the troubleshooting process without insulting the app developers, hopefully you get to the resolution you’re looking for. Hopefully opening a troubleshooting ticket is a start.

Best of luck.

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that is intentional. Because, I have 3 active issues (with or without tickets) and I couldn't get any positive resolution. HE support is always approaching like everything to blame is custom apps or the customer behavior (or customer devices).

HE is a hub designed to be in the center of many devices and integrations. And custom apps are supported (at least that is a presented feature)
if somebody come up with such a hub solution, they should be responsive to solve anything which may be triggered by a 3rd party device or software.
I am not saying that HE should solve the issues of 3rd part hardware or devices, but they should take accountability to assist the customer in troubleshooting issues.
Until now, all I get was "check your custom apps" , "remove custom apps"

for example, I have a crash issue which occurs every few days. Support told me to delete all custom apps and then add them one by one.
is that a feasible solution ? Should I really disable 10-15 apps and then troubleshoot them one by one ?
If I were the service provider here, I would create a debug firmware and try to log the error which causes the crash. Then it would identify the problematic custom app which then could be worked on.

I have a number of custom apps. I used to have slowdown issues. I did what support says and started eliminatiing apps till I found the problem. So it is a viable solution. Really not that hard to do. I haven't had an issue since.

Regarding presence. My HE app is not all that reliable for presence. It works maybe 75% of the time. However, Life360 isn't any better. So I don't blame it on the HE app. My phone is a Pixel with Android 10. All the settings regarding location, battery, etc. are correct. So as @marktheknife says it ain't necessarily HE's fault.

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I'm not sure if I'm reading this correctly but are you saying that if you write a custom app or have a device running your device type code that causes issues on your hub, you expect HE staff to help you sort out your defective code?
If so, this is just not a viable scenario in my opinion and nor should they have to.
I know absolutely nothing about writing suitable code for the HE hub and if I was to try I'm sure the hub would die within hours if not minutes. Should I then raise a ticket and expect HE to sort out my code? I think not.

If I'm not reading you correctly, I apologise.


Is this true? I'm unable to find it in any of Hubitat's literature. Can you post a link? Thanks!


I would also disagree with this statement. From everything I have read, while it’s possible to write your own code for drivers and apps to run on a hubitat hub, that’s not even close to the same thing as saying custom apps and drivers are “supported” by Hubitat.

I believe you have created an expectation that is not consistent with what hubitat staff have publicly discussed, either here in the forum or elsewhere.

In that context, your disappointment is entirely understandable, but it’s not their fault if you have misconstrued how they intend for custom code to interact with the platform they have created. You may need to reconsider your own expectations.

And as for your criticisms of the mobile app, if you’re intentionally using insulting language, by all means do whatever you think is best. But personally I would stick to constructive criticism without calling someone else’s work

if I actually expected them to work with me to improve things. People just don’t respond that well to insults, generally speaking.


Giving rise to the old adage - you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.


I didn't say that. Please read carefully. Here's what I wrote:

I am not saying that HE should solve the issues of 3rd part hardware or devices, but they should take accountability to assist the customer in troubleshooting issues.

I am not expecting you to solve the issue with 3rd party code or device.
I am just expecting to help in troubleshooting.

well if custom apps are not supported, then why do we have an UI enabling us to write our own code for drivers and apps ?

So you DO expect HE to help you sort YOUR code out.


Being compatible with well-written custom apps/drivers and supporting them are two entirely different things.

The difference isn't a matter of semantics either.

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Your own experience would indicate they have done precisely that. It was suggested you should disable all custom code and add it back one at a time to find the offender. While this method didn't appeal to you, there is little doubt it would work.

I agree with that. People just don't respond well to insults. But HE is a company, not a bunch of people. Or am I wrong ?
They don't have the comfort to be emotional as a company supplying service.
Their developers are not writing apps for fun or for favor.

As a customer, I expect more help. At least troubleshooting help.
But I could not get the level of help by all means. Maybe that's why, I started to be insulting.
If I am above the limits, I apologize. But HE is not a person, not a group of people. IT is a company.
And it is a service provider company from my point of view.

Exit stage left..............................


I'm really perplexed by this statement. How were you not helped? Support asked you to disable all your custom integrations and then reenable them one at a time. How is that not helping you troubleshoot?

it is not my code. It is code presented here on forums.
And I don't expect HE to fix the code. I just expect HE to find a way to understand what code is causing the issue. So that I can remove that app/driver.
Removing all apps is not a feasible solution

So you expect Hubitat to "support" you on your terms, as opposed to the method that they have reproducibly shown works. That would not be my expectation.

I'm following @bobbles (exiting stage left .....)


really funny forum here.

HE , as a company is acting emotional.
Customers writing on community forum is just acting together with HE and uniting against a customer with complaints.

well, great !

have a nice day everyone.

I will try to solve the issues through support. Maybe it is better than open discussion.
At least an official support channel would not be rude to customers. (assumption)

We’ll agree to disagree there, I suppose. None of us in this thread work for hubitat the company, but I’m fairly certain it’s run by people, not robots.

I’m out of here as well.


This. Whenever I have customized anything I have purchased, the company I have purchased from always asks me to first reduce my customization to find where the root problem is.

Google, AWS, Azure, etc are also examples of they will ask specific steps of reducing 3rd party code dependencies to find the culprit. They do not debug 3rd party code for you.


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