Presence functionality for a WiFi/LAN device

Does it exist? An app or a way where you can ping a WiFi/LAN device and as long there is a return on the ping the device is present, if not the status become "Not present". Showing it on a tile or sending a message there is a device "Not present"

It would be great if each LAN/WiFi device driver has this functionality but this is wishful thinking;-), maybe it could be an app that works for all LAN & Wifi devices.
Anyone a suggestion?

[UPDATED] iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor - Developers / Code Share - Hubitat
but be careful... my iPhone shows as away when it goes to sleep and turns off the wifi.


thanks for the tip, but this does not work for my devices, it is complex to, making for each wifi device a new device...
It works for my mobile phone, but not for my other Wifi/lan devices

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This one won’t necessarily work for all devices either, but I believe it works a little differently than the iPhone WiFi presence sensor so might be worth a shot:


How about this?


Thx, but again, a device
It works when I remove the username & password

This Is something that could work but also only working without user&password protection. I will read the whole post first

Thanks for the feedback

What do you mean by user and password. All this app does is ping an ip address. If you get no reply after X number of pings it will send you a message and turn on a switch. I use it to ping my router, Google and one other I don't remember. This way if the internet is down I can tell where the issue is, local or "not my problem". I was thinking you could ping your devices. No user name or password required. Unless I misunderstood what you want to do.

What is the device you’re trying ping?

It is a wifi relay with a webgui, I can set a username and password for acces the webgui.
This is what I see in the log when there is NO password protection:

This is what I see when there is a password protection on the device

@marktheknife It's a Shelly relay

The options mentioned above are the ones I’m aware of that can ping an http device.

Maybe look into whether your device responds with a code when username/password are enabled, and edit one of the drivers to incorporate that response?

Tagging @jwetzel1492 since he wrote the http presence sensor drivers and knows a lot more about this than I do :slightly_smiling_face:.

Yes, looks like to get exactly what you want, you'll need to alter one of the existing drivers to taste.

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The HTTP Presence Sensor is only working when I unprotect my WiFi device ,

This is what I see when there is a password protection on the device

This is what I see when I remove the password protection:

I have to agree with @jwetzel1492. If you want to use password protection on your relay your going to have to modify one of the suggested apps above, unless there is an option on your relay to always respond to a ping, even if it is password protected.

Solved using this format : image
Not really save, but I can live with it

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