Presence for amount of time as trigger?

Due to the known issue where iPhone presence is not reliable, I am using the iPhone WiFi Presence app. I have a rule that changes my phone's actual presence to Present if the WiFi virtual presence sensor changes to present, because obviously that would mean my phone is actually at my house. However, I don't want to to the opposite because there are other factors besides leaving the house that could cause the phone to disconnect from the network. So, what I am looking to do is set up a rule that sends a text notification to my phone if the WiFi presence sensor is Not Present for a certain number of minutes AND the actual (GPS-based) presence is Present. (I'm thinking something like 20 or 30 minutes.) This would remind me to go into the app and manually run the Goodbye rule which is supposed to run when all phones leave. (Or I just ignore the notification if I'm still at home and WiFi disconnected for some other reason.)

My question: Is there a way to have "presence is [state] for [length of time]" rather than simply "presence is [state]" as a trigger?

In the iPhone wifi driver there is an option for how frequently to check the device. The iPhone will usually disconnect from WiFi while the screen is off for some time to save power except when checking for email changes. I use a combination of the Hubitat apps Geolocation, Life 360, ST presence (since I still have it on for Neato vacuums), and the iPhone WiFi presence with the combined presence app. The Hubitat and ST change the quickest to away and home, Life 360 generally needs the refresh button pressed (this didn't used to be the case but has been for a while now. And WiFi I only use for arrival since it disconnects a lot of the time while I'm home.

Use a rule that is triggered by the device event, but then waits for the amount of time, then tests the state of the actual presence sensor.

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I would use the combined presence app. It specifically has an option to notify you if there is a mismatch between different presence sensors.

Because my phone goes offline and then comes back frequently, I need something that is not instantaneous when the phone disconnects from the network.

Ah! I hadn't quite thought of it like that. I will look into implementing this, and I'll post here again if I run into difficulty. Thanks!

Homebridge and use apples home precense . works very good!