Presence and Dashboard questions

I wish to give a neighbor (next door) access to my system but only limited. Is there a way to restrict which dashboards she can see / use? Also, what is the smallest radius of the geoFence?


Create a dashboard and share the cloud link to that dashboard with them. Then they can access that dashboard only from any web browser. Make sure you enable the options for that dashboard to restrict their ability to edit tiles or return to the main dashboard menu.

I believe the minimum radius for geofencing in the hubitat app is about 100m.

Good idea, Thanks! I wish the geofence was smaller tho. Possibly 50 ft.

Considering consumer gps tech is 7.8m @ 95%, I'm not sure a 50 ft circle would be very useful. That said actual accuracy is USUALLY better then the 7.8m spec - but it can't be guaranteed.

At a 50ft circle there would probably be so many false positive/negative readings it would be worthless.

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Hot damn! You're a wealth of information!

You are right Jason. I live to close to my neighbor! I think my HE is about 35' from her outside wall on the side. That idea will have to come when GPS gets better. That's assuming that the Magnetic North of the earth quits moving! LOL Good luck with that

Oh it's coming! It is just taking longer than most of us would like....

Some consumer devices support dual GPS and/or L5 today.

Here's my note 10+ for example. Notice the L5 locks. 1st phone I've had that supported that.